Sunday, January 24, 2016

Don Dicker the Creeper - A Warning to all Women in Costa Rica

Don Dicker is really a piece of work. According to what's being said over at The Ripoff Report - Don Dicker on Ripoff Report - it looks like Mr.Dick(er) has since resorted to uttering threats of death to victims of his criminal activity.

As you all very well must know by now, I'm not a fan of this creeper and when I get wind of him threating his victims simply because they won't permit him to steal from them, it really gets my blood boiling.

There is a past history to Don Dicker and his agressive behavior and this especially goes for women who mistakenly become involved with this creep. His last two x-girlfriends have reported he was abusive both verbally and physically to them. He even stalks women and has been accused of doing this multiple times. Needless to say he has left a trail of fearful women in his wake. One of them, well two actually if you include his deceased wife Laura Dicker, have wound up dead on his watch.

This is a man who is a socialpathic liar who actually believes he's honest and upstanding.

When police were removing the body of Sarah Western from his home in Baru near Dominical, he repeatedly lied to authorities and even claimed he was a former federal agent. A crime unto it's own. He also claimed that Sarah Western killed herself because of all the stress of her legal problems in that country.

Well here is something you maybe didn't know.

After not being able to leave the country for 3 years because of injunctions put in place until her trial, only 10 days before she would be found dead on Dicker's property, she was granted permission to return home to Canada to see her family for Christmas. So after feeling like she was in prison for the past 3 years and after repeated rejected appeals to the court to go home to see her family, she finally was able to do so - does this sound like a woman ready to take her own life? Many questions surround her death including a physical encounter with Don Dicker only 48 hours before her death which would be the last time anyone would see her alive.

Less than 24 hours after her death Don Dicker was witnessed at the house of the now deceased Sarah Western. This is the house he is still to this day attempting defraud from Sarah's surviving husband.

Question is, whether Dicker is just a victim of bad luck with women himself or is he something far more sinister? Judging from the words of witnesses and other victims of this man it would appear to be the latter.

Don Dicker is known to be working in a bar in Dominical ripping tickets at the front door for events which is ironically the same "respectable" line of work his fraud partner Bruno Saligari comes from. Without the help of the very corrupt lawyers they work with these two have the combined IQ of a walnut. You can see for yourself on the Ripoff Report where one of his vitims tells Don Dicker to simply stop his criminal activity and his problems will go away.

What does Dicker do? He continues and complains to anyone that will listen that he is the victim.

Don Dicker you are nothing but a lonely man looking for attention. Well you got that attention you were looking for but it would appear you're a little lost now that you've opened Pandora's Box despite having the solution right before your own eyes and being 100% within your control.

Whenever you've had enough Dicker just do what you know ultimately you will end up doing at some point and all of your problems will go away. Continue and accept the consequences of that poor decision.